Valteme – Organização e Gestão de Empresas

Valteme is specialized in accounting and management for Airline Companies.

Our know-how is essential to ensure the speed of the processes and the accuracy and effectiveness of the solutions we present to our customers.

Our performance always aims to raise the competitiveness of our customers and ensure a quality service.

Valteme is legally authorized by OCC (Ordem dos Contabilistas Certificados) for the performance of it is duties and is also a member of APECA (Associação Portuguesa das Empresas de Contabilidade e Administração).”


Our professional team, with experience over 15 years in the area, is committed to create and deliver value by providing effective and appropriate solutions to our customers and partners needs.

Our employees support the client in a customized way in order to develop together, business solutions ensuring progress and professional growth.


Valteme is highly qualified and well versed in all aspects of finance, specialized in the Commercial Aviation Sector and our customers are global organizations which operate throughout the country in the commercial aviation sector. We provide services to several aviation groups.

We have also as preferential customers Travel Agencies and Tour Operators.


We develop solutions tailored to each client and we are constantly looking to improve our service offering.

Currently we offer the following services:

Icon Accounting


Given the need for companies to have timely and accurate information that can help their decision-making process to become more competitive, Valteme offers:

  • General accounting record keeping on a monthly basis
  • Return of Investment analysis
  • Balance Sheets
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Tax Deductions (VAT and IRC)
  • Financial Statements
Icon Taxation


Given the complexity and frequent changes in tax rules, the professionals at Valteme help customers with:

  • VAT Clearance
  • IRC Clearance
  • Withholding Clearance
  • Tax Advice
Icon Reporting obligations

Reporting obligations

To comply with the reporting of fiscal obligations, companies often dispend valuable time and resources from the productive activity of the company. Our goal is to decrease the complexity of these obligations for our customers.

  • New Activity Statement
  • Periodic VAT return (refunds request)
  • Model 22 (IRC)
  • IES (Simplified Corporate Information)
  • Model 10
  • Model 30
  • Model 39
  • Other Models
Icon Human resource management

Human resource management

Human resources are essential for the achievement of the economic and financial goals of the company and, as such they should be treated carefully in order to contribute to total customer satisfaction. Valteme offers the following consulting services in human resources:

  • Payroll
  • Monthly Statement of Remuneration
  • Map for Social Security
  • Payment deductions
  • Compensation Fund
  • Reports
  • Annual statement of employees income
  • Communication of beginning/cease of functions to the Social Security
Icon Statistics


Assist in the filing of documents and data management, which often takes up precious time for companies, submitting them on due time and in compliance with the given requirements.

  • NE (Intrastat)
  • Banco de Portugal (Communication of Operations and Positions with the Exterior)
  • Other
Icon Other related services

Other related services

Valteme knows each company is a special and unique case and requires specific solutions for the convenience of its customers and therefore we also provide the following services:

  • Document collection delivery at the customer premises
  • Provide Statements to the Social Security and Tax Authority
  • Paying Taxes