The fitness model and OnlyFans’ star Jem Wolfie’s Instagram account removed after posting images of sexually explicit pictures – and then being sacked of 2.7million followers

Jem Wolfie is among OnlyFans’ most popular stars and has reported 2.7million subscribers on Instagram.

Now , the model from Perth 29, who is known for her provocative selfies was able to have her account removed, Perth Now revealed on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for Facebook, who own Instagram and Instagram, informed the newspaper that the account was removed for repeatedly breaking our rules’.

Gone! Jem Wolfie, as pictured one of OnlyFans’ biggest stars and was once said to have 2.7million Instagram followers. Instagram

The spokesperson also said that the company informed them last year that it would take away accounts that have the number of violations within a time frame.’

Jem, a former chef and a pro basketball player confessed last year that earned an astounding $33,000 per day on OnlyFans.

Through her business ventures, she had earned more than $2 million between the years of 2018 between 2018 and 2019, as per Perth Now.

Oh no! This model from Perth, 29, who is well-known for her explicit photos, was banned from her Instagram account, Perth Now revealed on can find more here jem wolfie from Our Articles A spokesperson from Facebook which owns Instagram The publication was informed that the account was removed because she repeatedly violated our guidelines’

Boo! The spokesperson continued to mention that the firm advised last year that it were also removing accounts with an amount of violations within a specified time’

Good job! Jem is a former chef as well as a basketball player in competitive play, was able to reveal last year that was earning a staggering $130,000 per day through OnlyFans.

Star of the show OnlyFans Jem Wolfie is proud to display her brand new Porsche

The model graduated from high school to work seven days a week for the kitchen, accelerating her chef’s training and securing Cafe jobs.

However, being a chef was not what she had hoped it would be therefore she turned her focus toward the Western Australia Basketball League (WABL) and started playing basketball more competitively.

In 2015 , a major knee injury made her leave the court and to the gym for rehabilitation and she started posting workout videos for a small online crowd.

A combination of gym images and basketball trick shots make Jem’s profile stand out from other Instagram prominent influencers, like Tammy Hembrow, and her follower base began to grow.

Full of cash: Through her various enterprises, she had gained more than $2million between 2018 between 2018 and 2019, as per Perth Now

Helps! “I think the way I present myself at the outside has helped my career immensely I’m sure about that”, she told me in the past year.

Gym bunny: The beauty insists to be all natural , and her curves have all been made by the gym.

The influencer says she’s laughed in her hometown of Perth

The actress recently posted a video showing her traveling around in a blue Porsche 718 turbo GTS – priced at around $175,000.

‘I guess how I look from the outside has helped my career quite a bit and I’m not going to deny it she said to Perth Now last year.

“But I have an account for OnlyFans. I’ve got a line for Instagram because I believe the amount of information of information that should never been shown as well as I’ve kept it as a reference point for anyone I might have.’

The model claims her figure is all organic and her body has been all molded in the gym, and it’s possible for anyone to transform their look with know-how and correct movements.

Good looking wheels: She has recently shared footage of her in a brand new color – blue Porsche 718 turbo GTS – at a cost of about $175,000

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