How To Bet on CS:GO

Have you ever considered placing bets but didn’t know exactly how to place bets on CS:GO matches? If you answered yes, then you have discovered the ideal place. On this page, we present all the vital information about the basics, to betting sites to call your new home, top betting tournaments different types of bets, and much more. 18+, T&Cs apply.

Where to place your CS:GO bets

Here, you’ll look up the best CS:GO betting sites out there to meet your requirements. If you’re curious about which CS:GO betting sites to place your bets, the table below highlights our top picks, with a range of options for you to choose. These bookmakers have been chosen with great diligence, taking tons of details into consideration. Find the bookmaker you want to make your new home below.

Want to know more on where to be on CS:GO matches online? Our entire, dedicated area for bookmakers, including professional reviews promo codes and other crucial information got you covered.

CS:GO bets explained

If you’ve selected an online bookmaker (or at least a handful of) the next step to learning how to place bets on CSGO matches is to understand the fundamentals.At site bet on cs go from Our Articles In this article we’ll go over what CSGO is, and also how to place your first bets on the CS-GO games.

What is CS:GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a tactical 5v5 shooter produced by Valve. It is also the title that we are familiar with and love which has fans, professional players/teams and tournament organizers who pour their hearts and their souls into this thrilling online sport. The intense nature of CS:GO is the ideal Esports title for major tournaments.

If you’ve come across this site but don’t have something about CS.GO, our news and CS:GO events sections, along with our HLTV homepage, have everything you’ll require.

How do bets on CS:GO work?

Bets on CS:GO games don’t need to be a difficult experience. If you’re planning on placing bets, it is important to understand the basics first. Thankfully, understanding how betting works is simple with our CS:GO betting guides section.

The first step is to find a good website for betting on CS:GO, then sign up and deposit some cash. Each bookmaker will offer numerous matches which you could be betting on. Select a team to win and then bet and you’ve successfully completed the first wager. It is really as simple as that. We do recommend that you conduct some background research before placing the bet of your life.

Bets on CS-GO in different forms

CS:GO Special Bets offer better odds but with a greater risk level.

There are numerous CS.GO betting options offered by bookmakers, which help the gamblers of CSGO put bets on the exact situation they’d like. These kinds of CS:GO bets that are also referred to “markets” are a bit complicated when it involves special bets. Let’s start with basic match-winner and the outright tournament winner bets, then move onto betting on special bets.

Bets on the match-winner of CS:GO

If you’re still trying to figure out the best way to bet on CSGO games, then the match winner betting market is your first stop. It’s the easiest kind of bet in CS:GO to comprehend and you just need to pick the team you think will win a match. There’s not much more to it.

Bets on the winning CS:GO outright tournament

Prior to the time a major CS:GO tournament begins the best CS:GO betting websites will usually offer a section in which you are able to bet on which team you believe will prevail throughout the tournament. Each team has different odds to win the tournament in accordance with their current state and ranking. Simply select the team you believe will be the winner make your bet and then wait for the event to end to see if you’ve been successful.

Bets on Handicap CS:GO

CS:GO Handicap bets will generally provide you with higher odds, as well as cash outs in case you win in comparison to traditional match-winner bets. In simple terms, a bet on Handicap puts the heavily favoured team on the back foot to give you higher odds.

For instance, the odds are heavily in favor of Team A on an CS:GO betting website so when (or should) Team A wins, you will not get much of a profit from their win. If, on the other hand, you decide to place the Handicap stake of -3.5 on Team A winning it, your margin of profit will rise, since the bookmaker can offer more favorable odds.

To win the CS:GO Handicap bet, Team A must win the map that you bet on by at least four rounds. For example Team A is required to be able to win the map 16-12. If you choose the Handicap bet then the overall score will be as follows 16 Team A – 15.5 Teams B. This also works with the map score in a match that you have the handicap of -1 on Team A during a game, they’ll require a 2-0 win for you to make your bet.

Over/under CS:GO bets

Over/Under CS:GO bets in CS:GO betting are used in a number of different methods, but the most well-known is the number of games being played. Bookmakers in CS:GO will offer an agreed-upon margin to use. You’ll need to know how many rounds are played on a specific map.

Let’s say the CS:GO gambling site has an 27.5 round margin for a particular map in a match. This means you are able to bet for “under” in addition to “over”.

  • If you are able to win if you bet on Under, the overall score should be 27 or less. For instance 16-11 is a winning score.
  • If you want to win a bet placed on Over the total for the round should be 28 or more. For example an over 16-12.

Over/under bets are some of the most well-known and can be utilized for score of matches on maps, as well as the total rounds for CSGO on a particular map.

Map winner bets on CS:GO

In order to profit from this special betyou will need to do your research. Bets placed on the Map winner are among the different types of CSGO special bets that greatly benefit from expertise of the team. CS:GO Map Winner bets usually are placed on BO3 or Bo5 games. This specific type of CS-GO bet is when you pick one specific map that you believe an opponent will beat. Map-winning bets will give players great odds and also the possibility of winning.

Map winner bets might be one of the easiest methods to earn money by betting on CSGO esports, as the top teams around have maps that they’re superior to others. Combine this kind of research with the previous match results that both teams have. The idea is to do extensive study prior to placing map winner bets.

There are a variety of bets on CS:GO.

While the kinds of bets mentioned above are the most commonly used by CS:GO gambling enthusiasts, there are many different kinds of CS:GO bets to place as well. Make sure to read our other guides on special bets:

  • Multibets for CS:GO: Guide
  • Bets on overtime in CS:GO
  • CS:GO kills bets guide

Top CSGO tournaments that are CSGO-related for bets

Pick the tournament winner and make bets on an Outright Bet.

Every year, there are an abundance of CS:GO tournaments available to bet. As well as smaller leagues, regional tournaments, as well as the top CS:GO tournaments, are presented on our events page. The section below we will concentrate on the best CS:GO tournaments to bet on, and will feature some of the top teams in the world. The section will be updated as more information of other big tournaments become available.

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023

In the period from 19th-29th January 2023 will be the premier BLAST Spring Groups Twenty23’s tournament. The tournament will see 12 teams play on three levels of play. The top six teams will earn places in the Spring Finals and the bottom six will advance on to Showdown. There’s a prize pot of $$177,500 up for grabs as well as a variety of CS:GO betting opportunities.

IEM Katowice 2023

The IEM Katowice 2023 tournament will begin from the 2nd to the 12th of February , 2023 and will feature 16 of the best teams around the globe competing for a piece of the prize pool of $1 million. The tournament begins with two double-elimination GSL-style teams, The top 3 teams from each group progress to the single-elimination playoff bracket.

ESL Pro League Season 17

Running from 22nd February to the 26th of March 2023, ESL Pro League Season 17 will bring you top-of-the-line action in CS:GO that you can put bets on. The season begins with four triple elimination format groups, and the top four teams of each group advance to a single-elimination playoffs bracket. 32 of the best teams from all over the world will compete for their share in the prize pool of $850,000.

5 tips on how betting on C:GO and make money

Do not overlook the importance of thorough research for a useful tool for your CSGO betting endeavours.

There’s always more to learn in CS-GO betting. Simply throwing your money at your favorite team might not be the ideal choice So we’ve got five ways to bet on CS:GO games and win to share.

Do your CS:GO research

Research is arguably the most important aspect to setting yourself up for a victory. At HLTV we’ve got it coveredwith pages on tournaments, team rankings, stats, match histories, results and more, so you’ll be able to conduct enough research to improve your chances of winning.

Check out other bookmakers

Different bookmakers do offer different odds for specific matches. It depends on the types of margins that bookmakers have, along with a myriad of other aspects. The odds that bookmakers offer on matches in CS:GO is contingent on their conviction of a certain outcome. Therefore, it’s best to have accounts with multiple bookmakers. Our dedicated odds comparison section should help you with this.

Avoid tilting at all times

The term “tilting” is a slang phrase that was coined in the game of poker in which a poker player, after having a few losses after which they become frustrated, confused, or simply angry. If one tilts they take reckless decisions that is something you must avoid in all circumstances when placing bets on CS:GO’s esports. Even the most accurate CS:GO betting experts can tilt. This could then cause a losing streak due to inadequate, poorly researched bets and emotional choices.

Steer away from unidentified factors

It can be tempting to bet on a match that features two teams that you’ve not ever heard of before because you can get tempting odds. However, if still learning to place bets in Counter-Strike games, then beware of intangible aspects.

Betting on teams you’re familiar with doesn’t just make it more predictable, but you may also cheer on your favourite team while filling up your bank account. You can learn about more teams , and even expand your betting options into new markets at HLTV which is the place to go for CS:GO betting.

Bet when there is an opportunity to make money.

There is sometimes no gain in placing bets on a specific CS:GO team. The odds are just too high in their favor. For instance in the event that you bet on Team A holds 1.1 odds to win the tournament, you’ll earn 0.10 profit from your bet. In CS:GO, an esports league where every month, there is a surprise and in nearly every tournament.

It is necessary to wager at a significant amount to obtain anything meaningful from 1.1 odds. While you risk much. Bet only when you can see an actual benefit, or choose specific bets that have better odds when you’re set on a team.

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